Orange & Peppermint Soak

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Orange & Peppermint Soak


All natural, gypsy made Herbal Bath Soak Kits!

A delicious combination of Epsom, Sea and Himalayan salts mixed with organic orange and peppermint. Clear quartz crystals will amplify this magickal bath to relieve stress and is perfect for a before-bed soak.

These kits come complete with instructions in a beautiful scroll and organza pouch. 

Large glass corked vial will give you two delicious soaks or one VERY luscious bath!

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I'm pleased to present Raven Moon's all natural Herbal Bath Soak Kits! A delicious combination of Sea, Epsom and Himalayan salts. Mixed with organic herbals and oils to bring to you the assistance you need. Whether it be a general relaxation bath of organic lavender or a conjure soak to help bring to you love, prosperity or protection.

You'll receive a LARGE 1 oz glass corked vial and an assortment of crystals in an organza bag.  Add a handful of herbal soak to your organza bag along with the crystals and throw it into your warm filling up tub or hang the bag from your tub faucet so the water cascades over it. What you get is a luscious herbal bath and the beautiful crystals will add to the energy of your bath.  After your soak is done,  you'll have beautiful cleansed and charged crystals to carry with you or add the crystals to your next soak. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Contact me if you have a specific desire in mind. I can help you create the perfectly unique bath soak for your specific need.


My products are created in a smoke free studio. All items are made according to the cycles of the moon. Some items are made per order so please allow time for me to craft yours. Contact me with any questions or concerns.


*This is not intended to treat any illness or condition. I do not guarantee any results when using this product. This is a curio only for entertainment purposes.