Smudge Spray


Smudge Spray

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A refreshing lavender and citrus blended smudge spray. Perfect for yourself, home, office or car! A great way to cleanse the negative out and bring the calming and positive energies in!  Perfect for times when burning sage or incense is not possible or for those with smoke allergies.

2 oz or 4 oz  spray bottles available

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My Smudge Spray is also known as Flower water and is perfect for cleansing, blessing and protecting. Also wonderful to use as an offering for the ancestors, for healing and for removing negativity.

A combination of bergamot, lemon, neroli, cloves, cinnamon , lavender jasmine and rose in a water-alcohol base.


My products are created in a smoke free studio. All items are made according to the cycles of the moon. Some items are made per order so please allow time for me to craft yours. Contact me with any questions or concerns.


*This is not intended to treat any illness or condition. I do not guarantee any results when using this product. This is a curio only for entertainment purposes.