Welcome to the official website of Raven Moon's Oracle

Raven has acquired her  very own  Spiritual Wellness &  Metaphysical Shoppe!  This new venture allows her to spread out into a beautiful space with a large front retail room, a private reading room in the back and a creative studio where she can now make all handcrafted magickal gypsy finery on premises! That's right,  Raven's  famous hand-poured soy candles will be made right at the shoppe! 

So please come visit and experience the new space that will serve as a place for healing, love & light! 

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Shoppe Hours:

Monday & Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday & Thursday : 11 am to 7 pm

Friday: 11 am to 8 pm

Saturday: 10am to 8pm

Sunday: 10 am to 5pm 

(twice a month on every other Sunday there are classes held at the shop and we are closed from 1:30pm to 4pm)



Enter the gypsy's caravan and explore all of my handmade, magickal wares. Perhaps you are looking for lusciously scented candles or handcrafted incense to create an inviting atmosphere in your space? Or maybe you are seeking a little dose of magick to help an important endeavor... or perhaps you need the Gypsy to consult the spirits for a little universal guidance?

My store front also carries a beautiful inventory of crystals, books, lanterns, himilyan salt lamps, incense, sage, essential oils, tarot cards, pendulums,  altar candles and so much more to help you on your spiritual or metaphysical journey. 

Come in and stay for a spell. Let the Gypsy be your guide.

Looking for a private reading after hours?   Please contact me and we will get you an appointment.    

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I'm currently PLANNING classes/workshops for the 2019 Season.

2019 class/workshop schedule is taking shape and is posted in the Class section.  Click here to see what's been scheduled so far and to register! More classes will be added soon.

if you'd like to see a PARTICULAR class offered or if you have any QUESTIONS please contact me.

I am very excited to announce that I am presently working on organizing this years Gypsy Night.  An incredible event with  readers, shopping, food, entertainment, enlightenment and fun!  This year it will be back in DuBois, Pa. at SOL Wellness Gathering Space.

And don't forget to visit the "Gypsy Sightings"  section of this site. It will give you a calendar of upcoming events I will be at.  Many psychic expos, fairs and festivals are being planned this year! Don't miss seeing me and taking part in my services and products!

I'll be updating the events daily, so check back often! 


Psychic Tarot Card Readings are available by appointment only. Private readings available for at my shop or over the phone. Private parties are also available.  Click on the image for more information.


Event lineup for 2019 is taking shape!  Make sure you visit  the " Gypsy Sighting" section to see where your favorite gypsy will be visiting next! 

Many wonderful handcrafted items are available at my shop and right here to be delivered straight to your doorstep, or to that someone special for any occasion. 


Pick up a beautiful piece of good luck in the  form of a Mojo Charm bottle necklace. Carry all your good intentions and a little magick everywhere you go!     

Raven Moon's Oracle is proud to offer her "Alchemy Under the Moon" product line.  Ritual Anointing Oils, Magickally blended and blessed under the Moon. Designed with the seasoned , as well as the beginning Magickal Practitioner, in mind. Click in the image below for more information and to order!

Mini- Magickal Intent Candles, a.k.a. Blessing Candles, are the perfect way to direct your intentions and needs throughout the new year. A wonderful gift to yourself or to that someone special who is looking for change and growth for the future.

Make sure you check out all the incredible all natural scents that are available in my candles and melt trays.

The best all natural soy candles around!  Welcome your favorite scents into your home or office with soft all natural aromas. using high quality organic essential oils and high quality fragrance oils when essential oils are unavailable. (Available in candle and melt tray form.)

Order online and have these beauties shipped right to your door or visit my shop in downtown DuBois, PA.

All Natural and Organic Herbal Decongestant. Eucalyptus and Rosemary herbs and pure essential oils are blended together to bring you this perfect  relief during allergy,  cold and flu season!  Great to use in a steam pot, a room vaporizer, foot soak or sprinkle into a bath for a soothing all natural comfort.