Gypsy Raven Moon


I was born and raised in an Italian Roman Catholic household in Brooklyn, NY. I was taught very early on how important family was. Love and support was always there. My parents, brother and I would sit at the kitchen table every night to a home cooked meal.  We would share our days with each other; sorting through problems and regailing in victories.

As children, my parents would entertain my brother and I with tales of spirits and stories about special women in our Brooklyn neighborhoods who were known to heal others from the "mallochio", Italian for the evil-eye.  These women helped their community and I was intrigued.

While I spent most of my youth in Catholic school, my family was very open-minded. Growing up in the melting pot of NYC I was exposed to many diverse traditions and beliefs.  I devoured any reading materials about different ways of life both historic and current.

Learning about Native American spirituality and traditions; their respect for nature, life and their ancestors, spoke to me on many levels. So much that it felt natural to apply some of these teachings to my own life. As with anything that promoted my self-discovery and growth, my parents were very supportive and encouraged me along my path.

This was the beginning of my journey towards helping others. I devoted myself to walk the path of the healer.  Every new discovery seemed to open up doors to information that would help deepen my calling. Different techniques presented themselves. I began to learn how to read Tarot cards. I learned the healing powers of herbs, oils and crystals.  Working with these new skills, I also started to incorporate varied cultures and spiritual practices into my work and my way of life.  I sought my ancestors within the old ways of Stregheria (Italian witchcraft and folk magick) and the wise women of Italy.  These women worked with the natural world all around them to help the people of their community.

I am blessed to have walked this magickal path for over 20 years. Learning all I have has enabled me to offer assistance to those who seek counsel through all that I offer. My tarot readings bring advice and enlightenment; my magickal intent candles, incense and good luck charms aid in bringing the desired outcome to any situation.

Our modern age may present new challenges in our everyday life but they echo throughout time. The human plight is ageless and surely these enduring techniques have found themselves to echo as well. From the paths paved by the wise women of the Old World to the New World in which we now walk, I am honored to have the privilege of being your guide.