Raven's Rave Reviews

Some wonderful words from my valued clients:


"I wanted to thank you for my reading you gave me a few months ago. My experience
from your reading was very up lifting and gave me the positive outlook I was hoping for!
At the time I was very down and depressed because to many things happened wrong
for me all at the same time!
But I wanted to tell you that everything you told me came true, and followed your
direction on what I must do to get back on track.
I regained the control in my life I was looking for and you gave to me what I needed
At the most important time in my life! Thank You so much!
I wanted to do another reading sometime soon!"
Rick K. 


"Raven's candles are the best candles on the market. Anytime I am left in the position to have to buy from another brand, I'm never as happy. Her candles are always lit in my home and my work space. They burn super clean and even and the scents are truly the best. My newest favorite is the Orange and Chili Pepper! Also - her readings are just AMAZING. I'm constantly thinking back to things she mentioned and brought to the surface as life unfolds itself. I remind myself to message her that this or that came to pass because she needs to know how *spot on* her abilities are. Book yourself a reading, you won't regret it."

Scarlet - NYC


" Raven Moon's Oracle shop, makes tons of beautiful and magickal things, and she excels in custom candle making, all made with love, wisdom, expertise and intention. I just received the gorgeous one she made for me last night, beautifully hand-poured and blended with essential oils, herbs and stones all selected for me. love it! Do yourself a favor and check her out!  "

Kristin F.  -  NYC


"I am not really a candle person-I've always been more of an essential oils/reeds kind of girl. I find Yankee Candles to smell more often like an imitation of a scent I'd like rather than something I want in my home. But now I'm a candle convert because of Raven Moon's Oracle. These are clean burning, long lasting and actually smell like a natural fragrance (probably because only the best essential oils are used and it makes a tremendous difference in the quality). The Lilac is a fave because it makes my home smell like Spring (even in the middle of winter) but I love every single one I've gotten. The personalized Career candle were a perfect purchase-within a few days I had a new job. There is magick in all of these! "

Terri Lavelle - New York, NY


"Raven is my go to gypsy woman. Between her tarot readings, candles, charms and everything else this wonderful woman does, I honestly can't choose my favorite. You can definitely tell and feel her love and energy in her products and her readings. All I can say is you will not be disappointed,  she is phenomenal in everything she does."

Maragaret Judice - DuBois, PA


"I was very pleased with my reading tonight, it was very enlightening, gave me encouragement and made me feel more at ease with some decisions I am about to make. Believe in myself but this reading was certainly the lift that I needed, been dealing with some negative Nellies in my life lately, officially pushing them aside and moving forward, of course with an open mind and an open heart! "

Jackie - Indiana, PA


"I love Raven Moon's Oracle candles! I love long lasting candles and an amazing smell is a must! I still have the very first one I bought even though I burn it frequently. Her products are as unique as she is and the variety is endless!"

Taylor Pascuzzo - Punxsutawney, PA


"My Raven Moon's Oracle reading was a powerful experience that has stayed with me in the months since. I find myself often referring back to the amazing, affirming things she said and marveling at her insight, as I watch very personal and gratifying moments she described come to life again and again. I was left feeling rejuvenated and excited about what was in store for me in the months to come, but even more than that, I felt truly *empowered* by her guidance -- it takes an exceptional reader to put the 'fortune' into hands and heart of the querent. This magical, witchy woman is a seer, a sage and a true friend. Thank you!! I'll be back again and again."

Valkyrie Cox - Alberta, Canada


"There is such a variety of wonderfully scented candles I always look forward to trying something new and have never been disappointed.  They are adorned with a pretty flower and make great display.  I love how clean they burn and they burn to the last drop!!  I'm in love with the bath soaks as well!!  I highly recommend Raven for a Tarot reading party! I hosted a party several months ago and my friends are still talking about it! My first ever reading Raven was very comforting, professional and it was an overall great experience! "

Erin Jones - Punxsutawney, Pa


"I absolutely love the products offered at Raven Moon’s Oracle. I recently purchased a green tea candle and peppermint tarts. The scent lasts longer than other candles and tarts. I much prefer her products over Scentsy. The jar decoration on the candle was a nice personal touch. I have to admit though before I even burned the candle I was in love with the scent it gave off, lighting it made it so much better. I have also received 2 tarot card readings. They were very accurate and she was very professional when she read them for me. She would ask me if I wanted any further explanation of the cards and offered to repeat any cards I may had a question about. Raven Moon’s Oracle is a very respectable business. There is plenty of products available for your individual needs and I would recommend to anyone to check it out."

Dawn Skunda – Reynoldsville, PA